About us

Waxhouse Whisky Company was formed in 2018 by 3 friends who administer the St Albans Whisky Club. Our mission was a simple one. To bottle beautiful whiskies that we know our club members would love to drink. We look to source casks that scream out that they deserve to be bottled and shared.

The name Waxhouse points to our heritage. The Waxhouse Gate is an iconic cultural landmark in historic St Albans and is a stone’s throw from the pub where the club regularly meet. Originally the site of the candle makers, where pilgrims would buy their candles before entering St Albans Cathedral, it later served as the city’s jail and was an important meeting point for rabble rousers and rebels during the Peasants’ Revolt.

The wax seals on our bottlings are a nod to this history and our beautiful labels are all about transparency. Here you will find the distillery, the date distilled, the date bottled, the cask type and the age of each whisky. Our whiskies will never have any added colour and we will never chill filter. 

We will never be bound by age, region or cask type. We have no favoured flavour or distillery profile. The only criteria for a Waxhouse bottling is great whisky. Waxhouse is a labour of love. Between us, we have years of experience in curating and arranging whisky tastings and if we are not all in agreement that we have found a great dram, it will never go into a bottle. We choose whiskies that we love and that we are excited to share.